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If you believe in the work we do and would like to support us, please consider making a donation. With your gift, we can make a greater impact and change the world for our animal friends.

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We prefer a monthly donation via Donorbox as that gives us the most stability, but we also appreciate one-time donations! If you would like to make a larger contribution of $1,000 or more (thanks!), please contact us for tax deductible options via our fiscal sponsor.

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We want to take a moment to thank the people below for their support—for those who have awarded us grants or contributed donations, whether one-time or recurring. We are grateful for your belief in our vision and support for our work.

  • Krishan Chockalingam
  • Eat The Change
  • The Pollination Project
  • Gustav Norra
  • Jakob MooCow
  • Brittany Bunk
  • Allie
  • Dvir Caspi
  • Laura Reese
  • Thijmen Vegan
  • Valerie Noonan
  • brideofsevenless
  • Carolyn Ashworth
  • zurgun
  • Francesca_01 Æ
  • richa
  • Marcos Feminella
  • David van Beveren
  • Callie Walker
  • Yuriy Garnaev
  • Liz Specht
  • Nadia McKechnie
  • Liis Hainla
  • Ryan McDaniel
  • Vikram Singh
  • Nicholas
  • Rhiannon Weldon
  • Rob Stoutjesdijk
  • Robert Davy
  • Michael Greger
  • Roy Sasano
  • Gina Hermosa
  • Dr. Faraz Harsini
  • Amanda Cardim
  • Nital Jethalal
  • Tucker Fritz
  • Joe Ferrentino
  • Michael M
  • Jeriy Moreau
  • Laini Snow
  • TheFizh
  • Rish Vaishnav
  • Gryphon. Smith
  • Carlos Garcia
  • Luis Velásquez
  • Alberto
  • will daley
  • Bryce Friha
  • Earthly Elizabeth
  • Sofía Godoy
  • Mats Thieme
  • Crystal Fewtrell
  • Kelly Walsh
  • walruschancellorjimmy

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